Threat Simulator

New platform to measure, manage, and improve enterprise cybersecurity performance

Threat Simulator in 2 minutes

Simulate Hacking and Attack using Threat Simulator

Checks security infrastructures, simulating the entire chain of malicious activities.

Ixia Threat Simulatorconsists of three main components:


Convenient web interface

Allows you to easily set up and run security assessment scripts, identify network weaknesses, and get useful tips to improve detected vulnerabilities.


Agents are deployed in the enterprise network

Available in a Docker container format, they act as a "target" or "attacker" on your network, simulating a safe and realistic attack and breach scenario.


"Dark Cloud"

Simulates publicly available threat actors (e.g., malicious websites, external hackers, C&Cs).

How it works


Simulation of a real chain of cyber attacks to check the security infrastructure

Dark cloud emulates malicious activity on the Internet. It represents the source of attacks on your resources and is also the target for insecure requests from your network. Such objects can be compromised web resources, DNS servers, sites that exploit vulnerabilities in your browser, or a resource to which you transfer confidential data. The source of the attack can be Botnet C&C, external hackers, or bots. Threat Simulator never uses your servers or end-users. Instead, it initiates a connection to its own sandboxed software agents located on your network. Thus, the use of Threat Simulator is absolutely safe and cannot harm the existing infrastructure. Dark Cloud connects to its agent and simulates the entire chain of malicious activity — phishing, emulating user actions, transferring malicious data, exploiting a vulnerability, infecting and spreading viruses.

Troubleshooting security infrastructure

Finding problems is easy, but solving them is more difficult.
With Threat Simulator, companies can assess the level of security, gain insight into the effectiveness of their protection tools, and take action to correct and improve discovered vulnerabilities.


Visual Simulation Builder for Complete Control

Threat Simulator is a SaaS solution. This option of using the service allows you to significantly simplify the deployment and use of the product, especially in networks with complex architecture.

Measuring and optimizing the current effectiveness of the security system

Integration with modern SIEM systems allows you to evaluate the real capabilities of tools for detecting and preventing attacks and infiltrations. Two-way communication between SIEM and Threat Simulator through notifications during a simulated attack allows security professionals to easily distinguish a test attack from a real one.





Hawkeye Active Network Monitoring Platform allows you to quickly and efficiently test network performance, actively detectand isolate problems by performing periodic inspections of any part of the network on a wireless and wired connection.


Breaking Point

A platform for testing the performance of network and security devices.

Why and how to simulate attacks on infrastructure?

In today's environment, companies rely on a wide variety of solutions to protect their networks from cyberattacks and network peaks. But two out of three companies aren't sure their security tools are set up properly. This is why many SecOps teams rely on Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) tools such as Threat Simulator.
In the book you will find answers to the most common questions:
•How to continuously simulate attacks on your direct network
•How to improve protection by quickly identifying and eliminating potential threats, etc.
Download and get valuable information on how to make your own information security system ready for real threats without the slightest risk!



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