Monitoring network performance at any time

Key Benefits of the Hawkeye

Network monitoring

Be the first to know what's happening on your network, and understand the experience of your users. Using artificial traffic, find out in advance whether providers deliver services and fix problems quickly.

Web and application monitoring

Your users make video calls, share documents, etc., using a combination of local and cloud services. Provide them with comfort by quickly solving network and application problems.

WiFi monitoring

The explosion of mobility and trends like BYOD and IoT requires you to provide the best possible Wi-Fi connectivity. Monitoring allows you to detect failures or bottlenecks before they affect the user experience.

Cloud monitoring

Cloud infrastructures send critical traffic outside your network to reach SaaS platforms. Manage public, private, and hybrid clouds and quickly resolve cloud traffic access issues.

Key questions covered in the video:

● Overview of the Hawkeye solution● Different types of tests and demonstration of testing examples● Monitor network performance from a user's perspective. QoE score● Hawkeye solution architecture, an overview of software and hardware endpoints● Endpoint usage and distribution scenarios● Active monitoring of the performance of Wi-Fi networks● Comparison of Hawkeye and CISCO IP SLA



Threat Simulator

A new platform for measuring, managing, and improving the effectiveness of enterprise cybersecurity.


Breaking Point

A platform for testing the performance of network and security devices.

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